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Published: Sunday | October 25, 2009
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FINALLY! The Church and the DJs agree
Some church leaders have come out in full support of Jamaica's dancehall fraternity while condemning the actions of international gay rights groups that are placing immense pressure on many...

More backing for Buju
THE FLORIDA chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has come out in defence of Jamaican artiste Buju Banton who is facing growing opposition from the gay community in Europe and the United States.

Meeting controversy, Music industry split over Buju's face to face with gays
There is a strong possibility that if reports of deejay Buju Banton's meeting with representatives of the gay community in San Francisco, California, on October 13, had not been supported by...

Buju did the right thing ...
Carla Gulatta of Amnesty International told The Sunday Gleaner that the country's music should be a unifying force rather than a divisive on.Gulatta's comments came amid the reignition of the debate on the role of music in fuelling discrimination...

... but his pockets burn, Cancellations of shows because of gay advocates cost artiste millions
MARK 'Buju Banton' Myrie was ebullient and inclusionary when he presented his Rasta Got Soul album to an adoring crowd at the Undercroft, University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona campus, on April 22.At the launch...

Debt-propelled economy: failed economic strategy
JAMAICA NOW faces the critical issue of how to pull the economy out of the ditch of the current crisis and the painful adjustments that process will undoubtedly require. Meanwhile, it is necessary to examine how exactly the country got itself into this ditch.

House of history, utility, tranquillity
THE FRONT door to the house once owned by the Coverleys, Eric and Louise (the latter known more popularly as 'Miss Lou'), moves easily on its hinges, yet shows evidence of heft matching its size.

Miss Lou gives invaluable house-purchase advice
THE VIEW from a concrete seating and lookout area at the edge of the well-kept lawn and garden high in the hills of Gordon Town, St Andrew, is a mixture of the hues that people have made and the greenery that nature has...

'Evening Time' discovery
While she was doing the final cleaning of the Coverleys' home, Janet Mignott went through all the papers very carefully. And she found something that excited her tremendously.

Do not ignore on-the-job training:Four strategies for self-improvement at work
A manager was once furiously confronted by a worker who had been with the company for six years, about being bypassed in favour of a junior employee. "That's unfair! I have six years of experience.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP):A Saudi court on Saturday sentenced a female journalist to 60 lashes after she had been charged with involvement in a TV show in which a Saudi man publicly talked about sex.

Child poverty dips in Jamaica - study
THE STUDY on child poverty and disparities in Jamaica has found that while child poverty has been declining with national poverty levels in general, the country is displaying a higher percentage of severe deprivation for...

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