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Published: Sunday | October 25, 2009
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Place that call to Delroy Chuck
That Mr Dwight Nelson did not immediately have to undergo surgery and is back in Jamaica and at work is welcome news to this newspaper. Indeed, most Jamaicans will be happy at the turn of events.

Inconvenient decisions, A real danger for a stable judiciary
'Wanted: A new court of appeal' was how The Gleaner published an article by E.C.L. Parkinson, a barrister, expressing his dissatisfaction with the administration of justice in 1950. - Frank Phipps

Threats and opportunities for Jamaica
China's success in delivering a 10-fold increase in the real per capita incomes of its vast population since 1980 under its hybrid model of state capitalism and market economics is likely to substantially influence development... - Dennis Morrison

Restructured and modernised to what end?
The recent presentation by Prime Minister Bruce Golding in Parliament failed to live up to the expectation created by the hype that preceded it. - Wayne Jones

Another useless layer of gov't
As I listened to the minister of state in charge of local government, Robert Montague, on a recent newscast on Power106 FM, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. - Joan Williams

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