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Published: Sunday | October 25, 2009
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Thrills and spills at Dover
Glenroy Sinclair, Assignment Coordinator


For a moment, the more than 5,000 motorsport fans at Dover Raceway's Heroes Day meet last Monday thought he was dead or badly injured. But the second Peter Jaggan emerged from the wreckage, they erupted in jubilation and went wild.

Some cheered, while others recounted the incident that just unfolded at the St Ann raceway.

Jaggan was in third position chasing Allan Chen and race-leader Teddy Burton.

Approaching corner three, Jaggan made a daring move to get closer to the leader then the incident all unfolded.

"I saw a space and attempted to overtake Chen," recalled Jaggan.

"My back wheel came in contact with a patch of grass to the side of the track. The car then spun and rolled," continued Jaggan.It was a frightening moment for wife, Jackie, who watched from the Time Control Booth.

"Some people said I screamed aloud, but I don't remember anything. All I know that I felt relieved when I saw him emerge from the vehicle," she said.

That aside, the fans were entertained by brilliant driving performances. There was the rivalry among Chris Campbell, David Summerbell, Jr, and Peter 'Bull' Thompson.

Summerbell, who started at the back of the pack, overtook the entire field with the exception of Campbell.

Campbell used all the tricks in his book to stave off a fast-finishing and determined Summerbell, in the first leg of the Thundersport event. Summerbell's determination eventually paid off when he won the second leg of the event.

chequered flag

MP2 Champion Teddy Burton took the chequered flag twice so too his motorcycling counterpart, Stefan Chin.

An improved-looking Kyle Gregg seems intent on following in his father Gary's footsteps and gave a good account of himself at the wheel.

Ace driver Douglas Gore won the first Modified Production Class 3 race, and shared the spotlight with Chris Campbell and his father, Neil, in second and third place, respectively.

In the second race, it was a come-from-behind win for David Summerbell.

Good performances also came from Charles Maxwell, Peter Rae, Steven Bansie and Brian Foster.

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