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Published: Wednesday | October 14, 2009
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Misunderstood
The Editor, Sir: I noted with some surprise Dr Omar Davies' letter yesterday complaining about my comments on the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) and my not acknowledging him as the originator of the strategic plan for developed status...

Enabling promiscuity
The Editor, Sir: In her letter 'Public policy must protect public health', published yesterday, Jennifer Jones contends that allowing abortion for "contraceptive failure, rape, incest, an abusive relationship, health risks to the mother" should be allowed.

Bird walk
The Editor, Sir: BirdLife Jamaica will be organising bird walks in Hope Gardens on Saturday, October 17 and Saturday, October 31, from 7 a.m.

Improve ways to get tax
The Editor, Sir: All the analysts of Jamaica's exaggerated negative response to the current global recession have agreed that a major cause of our problem lies in the the low rate of tax compliance of the Jamaican citizenry; individuals and corporations...

Silence - help for criminals
The Editor, Sir: Every well-thinking Jamai-can who still calls Jamaica home and intends to make it that way needs to take heed.Jamaica is heading to a situation of anarchy where the crime situation is concerned and every day that we wake up without it...

Obama good pick for prize
The Editor, Sir:President Barack Obama deserves the peace award. His prominence as a world leader, with a distinct and clearly defined posture toward attaining some semblance of peace on this earth, is being recognised by the Nobel Committee.

Practical move to St Thomas?
The Editor, Sir: Monday night on TVJ's Prime Time News I saw where there is a plan to relocate some residents of Spanish Town and August Town to Yallahs, St Thomas.I wonder if the implications of this move was given much thought.

No sympathy for Nelson?
The Editor, Sir: I continue to be amazed by the churlish, mean-spirited, grudgeful and seemingly bad-minded responses to the announcement that Minister Dwight Nelson had to be flown out of Jamaica for treatment of a condition...

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