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Published: Wednesday | October 14, 2009
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Why are we still poor?
As the recession deepens, the standard of living of many Jamaicans has declined. By all indications, the months ahead are going to be worse. The questions that I would like to pose are: Why is Jamaica still struggling? Why do we remain poor? Here are some thoughts on the matter...

Show off those strong, healthy legs
Short dresses and shorts are hot items these days and so more legs are being exposed. We want our legs to look good and regular exercise will tone them up and make them more attractive. Many of the exercises that we do automatically involve the use of our legs...

Take your vitamins
Nowadays there is heightened consciousness worldwide that vitamin supplementation is essential. The good old-fashioned balanced diet sometimes takes a back-seat. The subject of vitamin dosage (how much is too much) and recommended daily allowances ...

The benefits of breastfeeding
Just a few days ago, the benefits of breastfeeding was highlighted. I would like us to keep the focus on breastfeeding as we enter October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many Jamaicans know of someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer...

Health trends
Educated women extend partners' lives - A well-educated woman positively influences both her own and her partner's chances of a long life, Swedish research suggests.

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