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Published: Wednesday | October 14, 2009
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The prayer of a neighbour

Hi neighbour! With your permission and for the benefit of first-time readers, I restate the primary purpose of this column. Through these weekly articles we endeavour to reawaken the spirit of neighbourliness among our people. In the process we hope to weaken the spirit of selfishness. Whenever the spirit of neighbourliness is active in the community there is peace in all its facets. The spirit of selfishness leads to misery and poverty of all forms. I won't elaborate here. Coming to readers week after week, we remind them that, like it or not, we all have an obligation to see to the wellbeing of one another. Thankfully, these reminders are bearing positive fruits. Persons are rediscovering their kind side and enjoying every moment of it as they reach out to assist neighbours.

You would be pleased to know there are at least seven neighbours who have committed themselves to support other neighbours through a prayer network which is operational almost 24 hours. No joke, the results are astounding! Neighbours are saving millions in medical expenses through the faith of the praying neighbours in the power of the Almighty to cure sicknesses and diseases. Some persons are volunteering to mentor or counsel some neighbours who are not coping so well with the real issues of life. Every so often we come across neighbours who will dole out funds to help with a neighbour's predicament. Some persons respond to their neighbours cry for help by donating food, clothing and shoes (children and adults), mattresses, stoves, refrigerators, books, sewing machines, strollers, walkers et cetera. Long and short, people are helping people and finding it a delight!

Powerful testimony

Because there are so many persons reading this column in search of opportunities to help a falling brother or sister, I am publishing the following case in full confidence that neighbours here or abroad will resonate with it and lend a helping hand.

'Faye' (not her real name) wants to publish a book which contains a powerful testimony of her unusual and inspiring journey to wholeness. The book has already been written, edited, designed, and formatted, and basically ready for the press. Her original plan was to use proceeds from funds placed in an investment club which has since been derailed and may never recover. The global recession has made matters worse for her dream.

According to 'Faye', who so badly wants to make a difference, despite this setback, there is a very pressing need to publish the book at this time. As a result, "I have chosen your column to give an opportunity to those neighbours who would want to share - no matter how small. I realise that there are many persons who may appear to have more pressing challenges.

For me this project is not about personal rewards. It is about the potential assistance it will offer to the many persons who are seeking to be whole."

Let's join 'Faye' and see how many lives our investment will positively influence.

Until next week, have a great 'neighbourday'.

Many thanks to the following neighbours who extended themselves to help their neigbours last week.

1. Mr Mullings (Mandeville), for giving clothing to an elderly neighbour in Mandeville

2. Yolando (St Catherine), for helping neighbour with an iron.

3. Mr Watson (St Catherine), for assisting a neighbour with a stove

4. Nicola (St Catherine), for offering a mattress, bed base and a stove to Patricia

5. Pamella (St Catherine), thank you for offering clothing to neighbours in need

6. Carlene (St Catherine), thanks for offering plus-size clothing

7. Marie (St Thomas), for giving Ms Williams clothing for her four-month-old twins

8. Mr Barrett (St Andrew), thank you for donating khaki uniforms and financial assistance to neighbours in need.

9. Mr Wisdom (United States), for offering to purchase a chainsaw for Glasford (Portland) who needs to generate an income

10. Mardene (United States), for connecting with Colleen whose daughter needs assistance with books and school supplies.

11. Ivy (Manchester), offered clothing to neighbour in items to wear to her father's funeral.

Here are opportunities to help neighbours

1. Single mother of two, St Andrew. Daughter won a scholarship and attending university overseas. Fell ill twice and had to be hospitalised on both occasions. Mother is finding it very difficult pay hospital charges. Insurance covers less than half of the amount.

2. Tamika, Manchester. Trying to complete studies as a nursing assistant. Needs the book: Nursing Assistant by Barbara Bernheimer

3. J. Johnson, St Andrew, 15-year-old young lady seeking help for her family: mattress, dining table.

4. Mrs Blake, St Andrew, asking the mother of Randal or Ronald Tyrrell, who was in the Bustamante Hospital recently, to contact her at 805-3585.

5. Shelly Ann, Kingston: single mother of two with nowhere to live. Also needs help in sending three-year-old to school. Getting a little piece of land to lease but needs neighbours help to put up structure.

6. Allison, Clarendon: mother of five unable to keep a job due to sickle cell disease and diabetes. Asking neighbours for a second-hand sewing machine and fabric to help generate an income.

7. Pearl, St Elizabeth: asking neighbours for a wheel chair for a 12-year-old boy who is unable to walk.

8. Brother Davis, St Catherine: senior citizen, asking neighbours for second-hand keyboard.

9. Rowena, St Catherine: seeking neighbours help to purchase test glasses for 10-year-old son. Unable to do assignments.

10. Colleen, St Catherine: daughter is preparing for CXCs. Finding it extremely difficult sending her back to school. Asking for neighbours' assistance.

11. Melita, St Catherine: diabetic patient got a stroke and unable to walk. Asking neighbours for a wheel chair.

12. Veronica, St Andrew: in need of an industrial sewing machine - flat stitch and serger to start a self-help project. Can anyone help?

13. Marcia, St Catherine: has fibroids, needs to do an ultra sound before having them removed; unable to work due to the condition. Asking for financial help to do this scan.

To help, please call 906-3167, 884-3866 or 373-7745 or send email to: neighbourtoo@yahoo.com and we will make the link-up. Those who desire to make financial donations to this project may make deposits to Acct # 351 044 276 at the National Commercial Bank. Bank routing #: JNCBJMKX

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