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Published: Tuesday | October 13, 2009
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'Thank you, docs' - Parents grateful for free spine surgery - Overseas doctors welcomed to children's hospital
Several children with complex spinal conditions will be able to rest easier because of the philanthropy of a group of doctors who are in the island to perform operations this week. For Claudette Richards, this is a relief. Her 12-year-old daughter...

Which way to turn?
My female relative has lived undocumented in the United States for the past eight years. She has three children and was married but divorced in 2005 in Jamaica. This man abused her physically, emotionally and verbally and was the reason she ran from Jamaica while pregnant.

IMMIGRATION CORNER - Overstaying blues
Dear Mr Bassie, My son entered the UK on a tourist visa and overstayed for three years. Could you please tell me whether he has any options for staying in the country legally? If he were to leave now, what would be his chances of being...

Watch out for gout
Gout is a type of arthritis. It is an inflammation of the joints caused by uric acid crystals. Often brought on by dietary indiscretions, it was once considered a disease of the rich. Nowadays, anyone may be at risk due to our fast foods and sugary drinks.

Dear Counsellor - Why did he dump me?
Q: I was in a relationship with this handsome guy for the last three months. We are professionals and attended to university. He is 35 years old and I am 30. We saw each other often. We went to several hotels for weekends and the sex was great....

Increase focus on pregnant women's health, says official
Chief Medical Officer Dr Sheila Campbell-Forrester has highlighted the need for an increased focus on the health of pregnant women, especially in light of the expectation of a second wave of the influenza A(H1N1) virus. Pregnant women are among ...

JCF lists drug finds
The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has released data on drug hauls by the Transnational Crime and Narcotics Division, for the period October 7-11, at the Norman Manley International Airport, Port Bustamante and St Elizabeth....

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