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Published: Tuesday | October 13, 2009
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JCF lists drug finds
The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has released data on drug hauls by the Transnational Crime and Narcotics Division, for the period October 7-11, at the Norman Manley International Airport, Port Bustamante and St Elizabeth.

Among the returns noted are the October 7 find of four pounds of cocaine in the suitcase of Cornell Bell, 38-year-old, salesman of Dilston, West Midland, London, England, as he was checking in to board a flight for England. Bell was arrested and charged with possession and trafficking cocaine.

The JCF also noted the October 10 find of two metal canisters containing marijuana weighing approximately 200lb. The marijuana was found with two divers off the Gordon Cay, Port Bustamante. The divers were about to attach the canisters to a vessel by underwater welding when they were discovered by the police. Delroy Wilson, 51-year-old diver/mechanic, and Winston McFarlane, 53-year-old diver/carpenter, both of Priory, St Ann, were arrested in connection with the find.

Other returns released:

October 11 - 15lb of cocaine found in the suitcase of Lovel Godfrey, a 25-year-old of a Kingston address, as he attempted to check in for a flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was arrested and charged for possession and trafficking of cocaine.

October 11 - Cocaine pellets were found in the stomach of Don Lawrence of a Port Royal address after returning from Trinidad.

October 11 - More than 250lb of compressed marijuana, a Toyota Camry motor car and two hydraulic compressor jacks were seized during a raid at Roundberry district, St Elizabeth. Howard Peart, 51 owner/operator of HP & Sons Auto Repairs, and Andrew Lewis, o/c 'Country', 22, of Mountainside district, St Elizabeth, were charged with possession and taking steps to export the drug.

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