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Published: Monday | September 28, 2009
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HONOURING EXCELLENCE...Ian Boyne's excellence in journalism

Ian Boyne, Gleaner columnist.

On Heroes Day next month, Gleaner columnist Ian Boyne will receive the Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander (CD) for contribution to the field of journalism.

As we continue to look at some of this year's honourees, Flair turns the spotlight on trade unionist Danny Roberts, politician Derrick Kellier and Ian Boyne with whom an email interview was done.

When Boyne first heard about the nomination, he was at work. "The Office of the Prime Minister called and informed me that I had been granted the CD and asked whether I would accept. It was not until a week later when I received the official letter from the prime minister that I discovered that I had received the Order of Distinction at the level of Commander," he recalled.

His next move was to inform his wife. He reflected that graduating from university with distinction was highly rewarding and being honoured by his peers with a number of journalism awards in both print and television was equally rewarding. But to be honoured by your country is the ultimate honour and gave him the deepest satisfaction. Many people receive degrees and professional awards but fewer are accorded the recognition of a national honour.

Flair wanted to know from Boyne what the award meant to him and how would be celebrating it afterwards?

Much to be thankful for

Boyne stressed that journalism had been good to him. He had received many awards starting at a young age when he first entered the profession. He authors the most read Gleaner column (Bill Johnson polls); and the latest Don Anderson media survey shows that 'Profile' is the number one programme on television in its slot, beating the competitor by over 70 per cent. 'Religious Hardtalk' is also the number-one programme in its time slot. So he has much to be thankful for and the award is the icing on the cake.

He is not shy to boast, "I am also the only Jamaican journalist with shows on radio, television and a column in print. Plus I have the record of the longest-running non-seasonal programme on Jamaican television, 'Profile' (22 years). I have been in print from 1975 and television since 1976 (JIS)," he said.

Over the years, Boyne has done many interviews, Flair asked whether any had stood out among them in his mind. He said that it would be difficult to remember a single outstanding, gripping interview because there had been many.

He has no special plans for celebrations after the ceremony and has told his wife as much. "I am not much of a person for ceremony. I will have quiet, personal time which I get so little of. I want to spend that day quietly, after being forced to get up so early for the awards function. I will perhaps celebrate the night before with disc jock Stokey Love at the Courtleigh. I am a great vintage music enthusiast," he noted.

Very important

The outfit is a very important part of any big event. People remember what you wore and the cameras do not stop flashing, so what will he be wearing?

Boyne told Flair he is not sure but by it will be by stylist Sophia Max Brown. "At the moment, I seem to be settling on a blue pin-striped suit with a fuschia tie or I might wear black pin stripes from Andy's. Maybe Flair readers can help me decide!

Next moves: "My work in journalism has some overarching objectives: to inspire and motivate (Profile); to enlighten and intellectually stimulate (Gleaner columns) and to foster tolerance and diversity (Religious Hardtalk.)


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