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Published: Monday | September 28, 2009
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Carolyn Cooper is anti-feminist
The Editor, Sir:

Carolyn Cooper's commentary 'Aborting women's rights' is the most anti-feminist piece written since a long time. If she thought to do women a service in advocating abortion 'rights', well, sorry, it did not work.

Her commentary has a total disregard for women who have gone through abortion and suffer the sad consequences of depression, regret, sadness, sorrow, damaged health, and possible breast cancer later in life. She has a total disregard for those men who regret the loss of their unborn offspring. Yes, men too, suffer from the consequences of abortion! Not all men are monsters, as one would get the impression, reading Dr Cooper's commentary.

Coerced abortions

She speaks of former slaves choosing abortion to prevent their children becoming slaves. Ironically, it is a well-known, well-researched fact that the majority of abortions (worldwide) today are done by women who were coerced, if not forced, to terminate the life of the child. In Dr Cooper's eyes, would that not be a new way of slavery? Most women want to carry their children to term if they just would find the support of their partner and/or family. That they are left alone by everyone who claimed to love them, when they are pregnant and need all support they can get, is just another form of modern-day slavery.

Instead of advocating abortion, one would expect that Dr Cooper, being herself a woman, has enough compassion to request aid, social intervention, and family support for pregnant women. Instead, she plays into the camp of those men who prefer to abandon their women the moment they become pregnant. She advocates for female slavery at the service of those men who just want to have 'fun', without bearing the consequences. Thus, family life in Jamaica will never stand a chance to become functional again. Is it not time now that Jamaican women could bear their children with joy?

Dr Cooper seems to see abortion as progress. It is just the contrary.

I am, etc.,

Anne Arthur


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