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Published: Monday | September 28, 2009
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The disgrace of Parade Square

The Ward Theatre and downtown Kingston need immediate renovation. Not even the traffic lights within the vicinity work. It appears that we have no will, and have lost the vision of what a thriving metropolis should be. It's pathetic to realise that many of our present leaders would have experienced what the Ward Theatre and downtown Kingston were like in the glory days, yet such inaction exists. What will it take for prompt action?

Where is our pride? How could we have allowed such a showpiece to have undergone such deterioration? What would our forefathers say to us if they were to return to observe this eyesore?

History informs us that after the destruction of Kingston by the 1907 earthquake, the reconstruction brought about an improved city. The question remains: What will it take for the renovation of Ward Theatre and downtown Kingston? Let's not await a similar disaster for action! Remember, should we maintain the similar approach as in the recent past, New Kingston will soon be like downtown Kingston, and where will we go?

- E. Thompson


What about firefighters?

I read in the papers where most pubic sector workers will be paid some retroactive money, but I saw nothing about the firefighters. Aren't they a part of the public sector body? Doesn't the Government recognise the efforts of these firemen who put their lives in harm's way every day?

Police, soldiers, nurses and teachers are all getting their money. Give the firefighters something too.

- Concerned Citizen

Spanish Town

St Catherine

Impact of 'deportees' on economy

It's becoming more evident that the deportation of criminals is becoming an economic issue. How are we going to tell a youngster to stop selling drugs when we know that he can make thousand of dollars in a short time? Jamaica needs to develop working institutions that can encourage entrepreneurs.

Today, we have to become extremely competitive to survive. Countries that are on top are the ones that are steadily moulding their youngsters towards higher education.

- Errol L Hewitt


Evanston, Illinois

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