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Published: Tuesday | October 13, 2009
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Yes Garnett, but what's your agenda?


The Editor, Sir:

When I began reading Garnett Roper's article 'Church/politics power play' in The Sunday Gleaner (October 11), I found myself saying "wow, someone finally seems to understand some of the most critical weaknesses of our society and particularly that of most churches" (whether they be Seventh-day Adventists or Sunday worshippers).

I found myself thinking "wow, these are principles that all mankind ought to be guided by" and, quite honestly, no one could sincerely question most of the points you posited.

However, I ask but a few questions:

Have you been consistent regardless of which political party is in power?

Have you used the privileges afforded you, be it the pulpit, radio or the print media to endorse (by choosing to remain silent or just refusing to speak) immorality, corruption or the abuse of the rights of the common man or does it depend on which party is in power and the need to get rid of one and replaced by the other, your favourite?

How convenient for you to question the role of the Church! The real question appears to be about you attempting to use your influence to mobilise others to topple one power base to be replaced by another power base.

Are you trying to convince Jamaica that you suddenly care about the things that concern the Church or are you attempting to galvanise the support of the Church to advance a personal agenda and that of your friends?

For all the years that you have had the opportunity to challenge the status quo, have you done so regardless of who holds power?

Can you demonstrate to Jamaica that you have similarly tried to put your privileges at risk and position yourself as a liberating, rather than a legitimating, force?

I believe that should you answer these questions, then all Jamaicans would be able take more seriously some of the very important points in your article and, most importantly, we would all get to know the real Garnett Roper.

I am, etc.,



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