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Published: Tuesday | October 13, 2009
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COMMUNITY HEROES - The Gordons: Giving Chantilly a new look
Byron McDaniel, Gleaner Writer

Rue and Daphne Gordon: I am the action man, she is the community person. - Contributed

Ahead of National Heroes Day on October 19, The Gleaner this week zooms in on the contributions of several ordinary Jamaicans who have been igniting excellence in their neighbourhoods.

Retired Manchester couple Rue and Daphne Gordon, through their remarkable benevolence, has helped to transform an entire community.

Rue and Daphne returned to their district of Chantilly in north-east Manchester 20 years ago after a 40-year sojourn through England and the United States.

They have been involved in building and repairing various public facilities.

"I owe it to the community which was good to me," Rue told The Gleaner. "My only regret is that I am not able to have done more." As he spoke with The Gleaner from the veranda of a house in the salubrious climes of Walderson, Manchester, Daphne nodded in approval.

The Gordons produced albums of pictures depicting before and after records of several projects that they have helped to bring to completion.

These include repairs to the Chantilly Primary School with a new basketball court. They also showed photographs of other projects they were involved in like that of a new basic school, a health clinic, and new postal agency and churches.

Great team

Daphne, who is a retired teacher and alumnus of the Birmingham University, is always there for her husband.

"He is very considerate and supportive and takes responsibility seriously," she said, as a beaming Mr Gordon interjected, "I am the action man, she is the community person."

The philanthropic octogenarian said he attended the Chantilly Elementary School, but is now an authority in several areas, including history.

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