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Published: Tuesday | October 13, 2009
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Family Fundaze returns to Hope Gardens

A little girl enjoys one of the many rides at last year's Hope Gardens Family Fundaze. - Ricardo Makyn/Photographer

The second Family Fundaze will be held on Heroes Day, next Monday, at the picturesque Hope Gardens.

"The all-day activities are going to be fun, fun and more fun," said event organiser Lisa O'Gilvie. "In all, it will be time well spent, and people can experience a different dimension to the usual Hope Gardens and Zoo experience," O'Gilvie added.

The organisers say the event will provide something for everyone to do, from a host of regular and water-based rides and games, to a wide menu of dishes at the food court and various novelty items for the delight of the shopaholics. The Horror House, a favourite, will be back.

Complementing the various activities, will be an extended concert by a variety of performers, singers, musicians, dancers, poets and dramatists - showcasing their talents.

The first Family Fundaze, said the organisers, was a phenomenal success, with approximately 10,000 people participating in the activities.

"Given the success of the first event, we are expecting more people to come this time around," O'Gilvie said.

The Gleaner, Jamaica Producers, Jamaica Broilers, Tastee Limited, Wisynco, Digicel, Supreme Ventures Limited, Tru-Juice, and Hi Pro Ace are supporting the Hope Gardens Heroes Family Fundaze, which is being staged by the Nature Preservation Foundation, the organisation charged with the management of the property. Funds from the event will be used for the development and upkeep of the gardens and the zoo.

The event begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m.

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