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Published: Tuesday | October 13, 2009
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Publish names of tax cheats

I agree with Neville Carnegie's two useful suggestions (Gleaner, October 10) of reducing the number of members of parliament and parish councillors, and getting evaders to pay their taxes.

I think Gordon House and the parish councils could do the job that they do with fewer members without any trouble at all. If the Jamaica Labour Party and the People's National Party reduce the number of members of parliament and parish councillors, this would help to balance the Budget.

Jamaica's tax evaders are unpatriotic. Everyone - corporations and individuals alike, should pay what they owe under the law. The Golding administration must go after suspected tax cheats and evaders by publishing their names online and in The Gleaner. I believe that these tactics would pay off, bringing in millions of dollars that previously went uncollected.

Michael Williams

Brooklyn, New York

Excellent tribute to Schloss

Billed as a Remembrance to Cynthia Schloss, the show was more one of homage, tribute and respect.

Every producer, promoter and musical entertainer in Jamaica should have attended the show; this is what a production is about.

The host was at the entrance to meet and greet the patrons. Friendly and courteous staff guided and ushered patrons inside. Seating was adequate, well-stocked bar with a wide variety of refreshments, plenty of food available, light, sound and stage - excellent and for those who wished to 'shake a leg' space was available.

Every artiste who performed spoke of how Cynthia had influenced him or her at some point in their career.

With over five hours of music by about 20 acts, some well-distinguished Jamaican talents and others not yet that honoured, but surely on that path, performed. For an almost flawless night, with a slight mishap with the sprinkler system being turned on, only cooled down the musical fire that was taking place.

Cynthia, with the voice of an angel, was a lady of class and grace, a wife, mother, friend and a true professional. Those of us had the pleasure of knowing her knew she not only had the voice but was an angel.



Cat and mouse TV journalism

Have you ever had the pain (sorry, pleasure) of attempting to watch local news on CVM and TVJ? It is my opinion that these news houses do not intend for their viewers to be fully informed of the stories. This is evident as they rarely and then only briefly put captions to their stories and identify persons speaking, except in sports stories.

This makes it very difficult to discern where events occur and so on. Further, the newsreporter rarely sums up or reiterates the four main aspects of the story at the end: where, when, what and who.

I am neither a journalist nor trained in journalism, but watching the news is always a cat and mouse game for me.

Rae Parchment


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