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Published: Sunday | September 20, 2009
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Curtains close Stage - A playwright's journey to greatness
In October 1973 during Smile Orange's run at The Creative Arts Centre in St Andrew, among the hundreds who saw the play was Basil Dawkins, a first-year student at...

SUNDAY SAUCE: The president and the jackass
In a world of paupers and princes, vagabonds and kings, fools and ..., there are people who believe they are larger than life, created specially by the one up above for men and women to...

My mentor
Editor's note: Wayne Brown, respected Trinidadian writer and former editor of The Sunday Gleaner Arts Section, died of cancer on Tuesday at his St. Andrew home at the age of 65. The following is a tribute prepared by one of the many young writers Brown took under his wings during his impressive career.

Eugene Hyde mural restoration - Jamaica Guild of Artists, Project 2009
Writing in 1985 about mural art in Murals in Jamaica Reaching Back to Shared World Traditions, Normadelle Whittle documented Eugene Hyde's several indoor and outdoor murals listing among these a large mural for a...

Book Review: Rich, colourful, educational!
Title: Jamaica Journal - Vol 32, Nos 1-2 Publisher: Institute of Jamaica

From Verona to Venice
Verona: For years I've been hearing about the extraordinary experience of sitting in an ancient Roman arena, built 30 AD, vast enough to hold 25,000 people under a starlit sky, all witnessing grand...

Amina makes Atlantic voyage
A pair of Atlantic voyages - one physical, the other literal and both literary - have come close to each other, much like the swell of consecutive waves rolling in from the ocean, for storyteller Amina Blackwood-Meeks.

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