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Published: Sunday | September 8, 2013
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Dredge elsewhere! Environmental damage to Portland Bight outweighs economic benefits
Anyone who says that the 'development' of the Portland Bight is a 'no-brainer' is likely to be the person who has no brain. Understanding is the key to all of this.

Daggers drawn, but Roger is OK
I don't know about you, but unless it was Jake that he was doing the daggering dance with, I have absolutely no problem with the fat man dancing.

Shaw's challenge to party, nation
Andrew Holness might have renounced and is standing against old-style politics, but it is certainly serving him well in bracing off this challenge from Audley Shaw.

Goat Islands: protect environment or promote development?
As an environmentally conscious coastal engineer with many years of experience in doing studies for developments along the coastline, I feel compelled to weigh in on the conversation on the Goat Islands development.

The real impact of a sliding dollar
The controversy of a variable versus a pegged exchange rate has been ongoing for a long time. As a believer in the efficacy of a pegged rate, which I used effectively in the 1980s, I have repeatedly called for a research study to settle the issue. This has not been forthcoming.

Banana feud: back to the past
"Five fi hundred!" You see them at the stop lights in their branded company bibs peddling clean, beautiful, just-ripe bananas in attractive packaging containing five fingers for $100, $20 apiece.

Putin's last decade
"Each time one of us thinks, 'I'll just stand aside and things will happen without me and I'll wait', then he is helping this disgusting feudal system that sits like a spider in the Kremlin," said Alexei Navalny, often billed as Russia's top opposition leader, as he sat in a courtroom in Kirov in July awaiting conviction on embezzlement charges.

Stanley Scott - last of the independents
THE very interesting story by Adrian Frater in The Sunday Gleaner (August 25, 2013) regarding the horrible Vaughansfield fire on Wednesday, August 25, 1943 also evoked memories of its political consequences in that area of St James during the early period of our modern political history.

Assess the message before shooting the messenger
There are three issues that I will be commenting on in this article. First, the response to Anne Shirley's article in Sports Illustrated about her concerns with the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission's testing of our athletes; second, the state of the teaching profession in Jamaica; and third, the homosexual lobby.

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