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Published: Tuesday | July 9, 2013
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From cash for gold to Europe and beyond
The Rizzing (left) and Dotta Coppa.
Curtis Campbell, Gleaner Writer

Stay Far From Dem, performed by up-and-coming recording artistes The Rizzing and Dotta Coppa, is hitting Jamaica's charts hard, and on one in particular, CVM's Hitlist Video Countdown, the duo finds itself at No. 1 for the first time.

The artistes, who are working with Raheem Sterling Productions, Maverick records, Koncep Music, and Prince Villa Records are now focused on getting their names into the European market.

According to The Rizzing, who told The Gleaner in an interview last year that he was retiring from the cash-forgold trade to focus on his music, "Dancehall and reggae have a huge market outside of Jamaica, which artistes should capitalise on.

"We are making progress locally. We were featured on the recent Irie FM road tour and basically got the opportunity to expose ourselves to the 14 parishes. So right now, we are also looking to break into the European market. We are not here to fight for Jamaica, but to capitalise on every market that supports our music," The Rizzing said.

Stay Far From Dem has been at the number-one spot for more than three weeks, something, The Rizzing says, was a surprise.

"When I heard that the song was at number one, I was surprised because mi nuh too follow up the voting thing, but I guess the people are following the music based on the intimate street promotions that we have been doing. Plus, one thing wid Jamaicans, once the music good, dem nah mek it fail," he said.

The Rizzing and Dotta Coppa are also gearing up to release a music video for another collaboration called Young Ghetto Star, produced under Sterling's label.

The song, which pays homage to Sterling, a Jamaica-born Liverpool footballer, is in rotation on several radio stations. According to The Rizzing, the song has the potential to exceed the success of Stay Far From Dem.

"Already, Young Ghetto Star is picking up momentum on its own. With no promotions, it has already received almost 10,000 views on YouTube. So when we drop the video for it, I know that it will kick up a storm on the streets," The Rizzing said.


The artistes will be performing outside of Jamaica for the first time, however, The Rizzing says he is not intimidated by the task before him.

"Some people will say, 'What is an artiste going on tour for with only one little song?' But a jus one song dem know. I have a slew of songs in my catalogue that I have been working on. One thing about my music is that I hold all my work to the same standard, so the songs all have strong content. Europe is a more singing audience, and I am a singjay who sings about real things. Also, it's not like yard where people wait pon punch line to respect a song. These people listen to music and give their respect. So I am very confident that I will do well."

The Rizzing is expected to leave the island in the coming weeks and is currently working on his performance in order to make a lasting first impression.

The music video for Young Ghetto Star will be released before the artiste jets off.

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