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Published: Monday | May 20, 2013
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10 ways to make your man's toes curl
Krysta Anderson, Gleaner Writer

Scintillating conversations, lasting kisses, amazing dates, mind-blowing experiences ... . Progressing along that path to either seasoned lovers or taking things a step further to marriage, the question on everybody's mind is this: How do you keep that exhilaratingly ignited passion brightly burning? The Flair spoke to Jamaican men who shared with us 10 ways to spice things up in the bedroom and make their toes curl:

1 Penetrating my sweet spots: touching my inner thighs; kissing me slowly on my neck right under my ears.

- A.C.

2 Kissing me right by my pelvic bone near my waist.

- R.B.

3 Using long fingernails on the sensitive areas (spine and nipples) gripping my buttocks. Holding out a bit on me and letting me beg for it.

- O.M.

4 For foreplay: nibbling on my nipples, scrotum, licking my inner thigh. Sexually: squeeze my throat during sex, slapping me across the face, dirty talk used as motivation, high-pitched moans and screaming my name so the neighbours can hear.

- S.B.

5 When she kisses my chest softly.

- X.H.

6 Finding a man's passions, and using those appeals to her advantage. For me, I am a performer (arts), so having the voice of an angel and teasingly singing to me, or giving me a lap dance and a striptease would ultimately fascinate me and grab my attention.

- C.R.

7 When she takes complete control in the bedroom department.

- Y.M.

8 Sex appeal: ensuring her package, preferably a heavy package is presented neatly. When both the journey and the destination is sweet. Also having a beautiful mind, when she can give me prolonged mental orgasm, which is frequently exercised foreplay outside of the context of sex.

- M.Y.

9 When she nibbles on and bites my sides, going down to my pelvic area and hip bone. She will win me over too by using her tongue on my inner thighs.

- S.H.

10 Oral sex. The answer given by most men, if executed correctly, guarantees them a toe curling experience.

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