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Published: Monday | May 13, 2013
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Are you sleeping?

That depends on where you are in Jamaica. Where I live in Mandeville, you no longer have the right to decide when, or if, you sleep. The sound-system operators now decide that for you.

Up to midnight, 2 a.m., or beyond, depending on the day of the week, you are exposed to the lyrics they select at the decibel they decide.

I have no idea what gives them the right to decide when hard-working citizens sleep, but I have a good idea who. The once peaceful restful town has disappeared and in its place is this monster of indiscipline and noise legitimised by the authorities.

Sometimes I wonder if, as a Jamaican citizen, I still have the right to personal liberty, the right to enjoy my property, for which taxes have tripled within a relatively short time, and the right of my family life to be respected.

It is indeed sad that these basic rights are threatened not by war or any other calamity but by the 'popular' dancehall culture. No wonder our dear Lady Allen would rather be elsewhere! Right now, I could not agree with her more.



Mandeville, Manchester

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