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Published: Thursday | March 7, 2013
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Do you think the education ministry should extend the school year?
No, they should give us a break. As teachers, it is so hectic, tiring and draining. And the children need a break also.

- @PalmerKisha

If they do, then serious thought must be given to increasing the teachers' wages that have been frozen for several years. They should give students activities in summer.

- @Wattoson44

No! Teachers are extremely tired. We need the rest.

- @Shakiediva24

They should have dialogue with all stakeholders on the matter. I think they should extend it.

- @wincee5

No, improve quality, structure of education and provide more training for teachers. Also, children need a break from school.

- @YOUJamaica

Instead of extending the school year, they should look to provide underperforming schools with the necessary resources.

- @MizzzRosie

It is so hard already to find lunch money and bus fare and now parents will be so glad to get the break to save for the new school year.

- @gnel0133

I don't think so. It is customary for the children and teachers to have a two-month summer period.

- @kaii_sexii

What the education ministry needs to do is plan a realistic school year curriculum so teachers are able to properly teach the students.

- @nickyniks

Absolutely not. All work and no play makes Jack, Jill and Rover dull people.

- @Shaii_Don

No! I believe it's up to the parents/guardians to get their children to do schoolwork during the holiday.

- @ShaeBabiee

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Yes, the students have too much free time on their hand, especially for those who have not matriculated to the next level.

- Evrol Bell

Personally, I look forward to school being out so my family can sleep a little later. I believe the recovery period is good for all of us.

- Shanni Budd

Yes! Our kids need to be in school. Left up to me, they would only get one month off for summer break.

- Deborah Sawyers

No. The children need time to relax. Almost every school has summer classes now, which is another three weeks already.

- Caroline Thomas

No, they should not. Teachers, as well as children, do need a break. Don't you all receive vacation leave each year? Why should teachers not get time off? Some of us, as parents, are hardly playing our part and are sending our wayward children to school for the teacher to be responsible. What the ministry should do is review their curriculum.

- Winsome J. Marshall-Carty

Yes, but not only the school year should be extended, the teachers' pay need to be increased.

- Blessing Hewitt

Just extending the school year alone will not necessarily add any value to the education process. It would be much better to overhaul the entire system by reducing the teacher-student ratio to an acceptable limit so that teachers can have better control in the classroom.

- Everton Campbell

No. Children need time to rest. When would they get time to bond (vacation) with family if they are always in school or studying?

- Juanita South-Samuels

No. If students are not focused and intend to learn and put in quality work, it will be the same.

- Ginger Richly-Blessed Hamilton

Yes, paid classes are being kept in the month of July. Why not have the classes like a normal month?

- Claudia Johnston-Taylor

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