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Published: Thursday | February 28, 2013
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Yes, it can if the person is obsessed and controlling. When they see the person as something they own instead of a partner who has a functioning brain.

- Hershey Irresistible Kissez

To be suicidal just mean they are weak to the system of life.

- Joseph Phillips

Yes, it can. That is why people have to be careful how they exit the relationship.

- AnnMarie Nicholas De Souza

I think these men are very weak. They love to cheat but when women cheat on them they cannot take it. They do all kind of foolishness!

- Maureen Brown

Yes, emotional pain and distress is handled by each individual in a different way.

- May Ja

I agree, relationship is an investment. Hence, when one partner devote his/her time without limitations it can be devastating.

- Lenville Craig

Suicide will only be attempted when the balance of the mind is disturbed. All living species are nurtured to live, only mental illness can break that chain.

- Abiola Jomilogu

Yes, it can because there is help from friends, family, pastor, and counsellor.

- Kaydene Bennett

Yes. Most times it depends on the reason for the relationship to fail. If that person truly believe they have tried their best and is not credited for the effort they have given, then their thoughts will drift to places, depending on their strength or faith in God.

- Eyes Across Jamaica

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