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Published: Wednesday | February 20, 2013
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Many TV sets will be 'switched off' in 2015
THE EDITOR, Sir: FOR THE most part, the Jamaican consumer is uneducated and misinformed about his/her rights...

New taxes will increase crime
THE EDITOR, Sir:As an aura of success floods the thoughts of Jamaicans, we may become blind to the uncertainty which still pervades due to the upsurge of criminality.

Fifty years of ineptitude
THE EDITOR, Sir:THE PROBLEMS of this country stem from the fact that for 50 years successive governments have shown a certain degree of ineptitude.

Where is the campaign finance bill?
THE EDITOR, Sir:The following is an open letter to Phillip Paulwell, minister of science, technology, energy & mining.Dear Minister,I AM herewith resending my letter to you dated January 15, 2013 in which I had asked you to indicate when "the...

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