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Published: Saturday | February 16, 2013
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Doctor's Advice - The painful side of pleasure
Doctor, not long ago I met a very good-looking guy age 19. He seemed charming and sexy. He was interested in me and told me I was beautiful. Two nights back, I went out with him. Kissing him was exciting. After a few drinks, I went with him to his house, and when we got to his room, I let him take my clothes off...I was looking forward to enjoying some good sex with him. But unfortunately, things did not turn out exactly like that.

Let's Talk Life - Fighting siblings
I have two sons who are always arguing and fighting. How can I improve the situation?

Joy Kariamu keeps African heritage alive
JOY KARIAMU has been keeping our African heritage alive in Jamaica and the diaspora through her work as a dance teacher. Kariamu grew up in Manchester but migrated to the United States of America, where while working at IBM, she started a dance class in the late 1980s called Reggaesize.

Healthy living is the key for 'Bongo Ray'
RAY 'BONGO Ray' Morgan's black, wrinkleless face, framed by tangled dreadlocks, glistened and glowed. Mischief and mystique twinkled in his eyes when he spoke. His laughter was mocking and self-assured. He's in his early 60s, but his trim, lithe, diminutive body looks like that of a petit 16-year-old youth.

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