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Published: Saturday | February 16, 2013
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Let's abandon beggar mentality
We all know that the reason we need the International Monetary Fund (IMF) deal is simply because 'wi luv beg'. Expert beggars we have become. And we are rife with excuses why we MUST beg.

Thankful for Pope's ministry
On Monday, February 13, 2013, the Catholic Church around the world received the surprising news of the decision of Pope Benedict XVI to relinquish the office of Bishop of Rome at the end of this month.

Truth on Sharpe indisputable
There is enough evidence to prove that Albert Einstein was a Jew. If when he had migrated to America he was forced to accept, or accepted Christianity through his own volition, does it give Christians at a later date the right to condemn and degrade his Semitic heritage?

The politics of bickering
Even though we apparently are on the cusp of an IMF deal, we're still pretty doomed until further notice. Can't our politicians, particularly those in Opposition, stop the bickering and start actually making gainful suggestions?

Online Feedback
Here are comments on the staff-level approval of the IMF agreement with Jamaica which was announced Friday. (It will have to be endorsed by the board in March).

Thanks, Ms Tomblin, for showing JPS the light
Almost a couple of years ago, everybody was "angry", including me, with the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS). Then suddenly things changed with the appointment of a new CEO.

Real Estate Board is a waste of time
I have been a strata lot owner for more than 18 months at a complex on Merrion Road. It has been almost six weeks since I have been without electricity.

Put your dogs on a leash
There are not many places that one can walk one's dog safely in Jamaica. When I say safely, I do not refer to dodging the criminal elements in society. I am instead referring to lawless dog owners out there.

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