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Published: Saturday | February 16, 2013
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No help from Attorney General's Department
Could Attorney General Patrick Atkinson relieve this citizen's plight? - Gladstone Taylor/Photographer

How long does the Attorney General's Department take to look at a file concerning a claim? I have had a claim with the National Works Agency since October 2009.

The matter was investigated and the relevant documents sent to the AG's Department for processing from mid last year. I made several calls to the NWA and was told that the file is at the AG's Department.

I also received the name of the attorney, and when I called AG's Department to speak with her, I was told, by her secretary, that she does not speak to individuals, only their lawyers. I find the comment rude and offensive because I thought that these people were given these positions to serve the public.

To give you a brief scenario of my case, it all started on October 16, 2009 when my (then) eight-year-old daughter fell into an uncovered manhole filled with stagnant water that almost drowned her. She had bruises and cuts all over and had to seek medical attention immediately.

Two to three days later, rashes, sores and water bumps started to appear all over her body. And after day five, she looked like a frog with warts, even in her privates. Pictures of these were taken and submitted as well. She had to be treated with stronger doses of medication, be out of school during her illness, and had to endure pain itches and scratches all the time.

I kept up with the progress at NWA and because it cannot do anything else but wait, I called the AG's Department, only to be told by the woman's secretary that she does not speak to individuals. I believe it is unacceptable. I have been waiting for more than three years now.

I don't have a lawyer and I need some advice.

Natasha Whylie


Spanish Town PO, St Catherine

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