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Published: Saturday | February 16, 2013
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EDITORIAL - Difficult task ahead for Government
Fearmongers will holler from the mountaintops that austerity measures such as those announced by the Government earlier this week will create even more violence in a society that has become saturated with grief because of the weight of crime. But this newspaper, which has repeatedly warned of the dosage of bitter medicine that must be ingested to fix the economy, is hopeful that Jamaicans will show maturity in line with more than 50 years of sovereignty.

Gone are the days ...
As we watch with dread while the Government pours the bitter medicine into a large tablespoon and commands us to say a collective 'aaah', many people begin to drift and recall times in Jamaica's history when citizens didn't have to subject themselves to the 'lamp-oil' treatment to guarantee their health and survival.

Horses for courses
The English idiom 'horses for courses' is no mere chestnut, although it might well be a chestnut mare. In fact, it might even be a horse of a different colour.

No help from Attorney General's Department
How long does the Attorney General's Department take to look at a file concerning a claim? I have had a claim with the National Works Agency since October 2009.

Burglars fuelling mindless rage
I have been a victim of crime. While I slept one night, the burglar bars on my home were cut and they entered my home and stole my money and some appliances. I felt violated but very happy to be alive. I live in a town house complex which has an electronic gate.

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