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Published: Tuesday | February 12, 2013
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Make productive use of wastewater
THE EDITOR, Sir: Every day, millions of gallons of water go to waste through our faucets and showers - water that could be used to grow crops.The recent public announcement of harvesting water, though timely, should be backed up by public education ...

Put an end to 'lapping up'!
THE EDITOR, Sir:I wish to draw to the public's attention a problem which we, as students, have been facing for a while now.I consider as distasteful the 'lapping up' (that is, sitting on a boy's or girl's lap in public buses or taxis) in order to ensure...

Deepen debate on Church, society
THE EDITOR, Sir:I always enjoy reading Martin Henry's well-written and informative articles, even when they are as long as 'Religion and development', which appeared in the Jamaica Gleaner Online on Sunday, February 10, 2013.Mr Henry did an excellent...

Are defenders of Christian beliefs being silenced?
THE EDITOR, Sir:I want to congratulate your columnist Martin Henry for his excellently crafted article 'Religion and development' (Sunday Gleaner, February 10, 2013).

New Pope, same Catholic Church
THE EDITOR, Sir:While most Catholics were taken by surprise that the Pope has called it a day because of his failing health, no one should be surprised that after the new Pope has been installed, the Roman Catholic Church will remain the same....

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