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Published: Sunday | February 10, 2013
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Was it worth it?
Jamaica's Reggae Boyz went into the fearsome Azteca and came out with a point.

Brand Jamaica just can't cut it
We are a people obsessed with magic and miracles.

Obese Lady Justice bound to collapse
The Senate's vote to increase the jurisdiction of the resident magistrate's court to $1 million is a welcome move.

Reason is church's enemy
Jamaica's traditional churches are in a tailspin.

Religion and development
JLP email activist 'John Blake' temporarily laid off attacking the Pain-P, as he labels the other party, to attack religion as an impediment to progress.

Bold steps to move Jamaica forward
The outgoing head of the Office of Utilities Regulation, Zia Mian, recently declared that the blame for our continued high energy cost must be placed squarely at the feet of Government as despite the many meetings and reports, successive administrations...

The digital revolution - Funding post-secondary education
Funding post-secondary education"Hell is truth seen too late" - Thomas Hobbes (Leviathan 1651)The American writer, David Reiff, recently remarked: "In times of uncertainty, people's first instinct often is to carry on as if nothing has changed."...

What to expect from the IMF agreement
Contrary to the popular notion that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreement will be the panacea to Jamaica's economic malaise, I dare say this is a myth.

Coping with an ageing workforce
Peter Drucker, in one of his many acts of perspicacity, had predicted that the workplace of the 21st century would be characterised by the predominance of the 'knowledge worker' whose capacity to contribute meaningfully to the fortunes of an...

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