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Published: Friday | February 8, 2013
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Bus crash claims at least 53
LUSAKA (AP):A bus operated by Zambia's postal service carrying passengers towards its capital Lusaka smashed into a semi-truck and another car yesterday, killing at least 53 people in one of the worst traffic crashes in the nation in recent history,...

Citizens outraged over gang rape of teenage girl
JOHANNESBURG (AP):In a country where one in four women is raped and where months-old babies and 94-year-old grandmothers are sexually assaulted, citizens are demanding action after a teenager was gang-raped, sliced open from her stomach to her genitals,...

Rights group calls for stricter enforcement of sexual-violence laws
NEW DELHI (AP):India's government has failed to curb rampant sexual abuse of children, especially in schools and state-run child-care facilities, a rights group said yesterday.The report from Human Rights Watch comes in the wake of the fatal gang rape...

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