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Published: Thursday | February 7, 2013
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Don't be fooled by Petrojam's 'up to par' diesel oil
THE EDITOR, Sir:IN RESPONSE to my letter published on Friday, January 25, and a response by Petrojam Limited on page A9 of your opinion page of Tuesday, January 29, I felt compelled to respond, as they mentioned my name and I found this article a bit...

Regulate, don't quash, street vending
THE EDITOR, Sir:JAMAICA'S ECONOMIC quagmire today serves as a reminder to us and the rest of the world of what can happen when leaders fail to plan and, by extension, fail to be visionary.Take Jamaica's economy, for instance, where large portions ...

Say no to faulty imports by buying Jamaican
THE EDITOR, Sir:THE JAMAICA Manufacturers' Association (JMA), in response to The Gleaner article 'Shoddy imported tissue raises stink', published on February 3, 2013, supports the rejection of substandard imported products.

British cops under Jamaica spell?
THE EDITOR, Sir: LET ME first point out that I hold no brief for the local police.However, recent comments by former Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green...

I agree with Les
THE EDITOR, Sir: I WAS amazed when an anticorruption team and myself set out to execute a sting operation (needless to say, I had to provide the $50,000 in marked money).

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