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Published: Wednesday | February 6, 2013
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Director gives thanks after scrape with malaria - Mayhew survives coma and surgery following trip to Africa
Music video director Winston Mayhew. - Contributed
Davina Henry, Staff Reporter

After a serious bout of illness with the deadly malaria virus, director and videographer Winston 'Tyson' Mayhew is now on the road to recovery.

Mayhew contracted the illness after he visited the continent of Africa recently. He was admitted to the St Ann's Bay Hospital and a plea was made for persons to donate blood at blood collection centres across the island.

While in hospital, Mayhew had reportedly slipped into a coma and was in need of surgery.

Mayhew, who has since been released from hospital, released a video thanking everyone for their continuous support.

"I survived malaria ... . Mi nuh even know wha fi seh 'bout the experience, a just needle pon top a needle and one bag a tings. It did hard; it was a struggle ... . Mi give thanks fi life and give thanks fi all who give blood and everybody who was there for me spiritually, mentally and physically," Mayhew said.

humbling experience

The director also stated that he was especially thankful to persons who did not know him but who gave blood just the same. "It is very humbling," he said of the experience.

Friends, family and well-wishers prayed for his speedy recovery, and Mayhew said it was those prayers that gave him the willpower to fight for his life.

"The prayers, it work and it help me fi fight through wha me did a go through ... . Thanks again for the support, love and, most of all, the prayers," he said.

Mayhew is now scheduled to undergo a series of tests and is working to improve his blood count and regain full strength. He is also scheduled for minor surgery.


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