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Published: Sunday | February 3, 2013
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VOX POP- Outraged and helpless again!
Althia Loban

It's just shocking. The young guys these days don't have any sympathy. I just can't comprehend it. It's like you are a bystander and you feel helpless knowing that you see it happening and you can't do anything about it. Some drastic measures have to be undertaken by the Government to stop these heinous crimes being committed against our children.

It is heartless, painful and frightening. We need to remember that the children are our future, and if we destroy our future, there will be no Jamaica. We need to get back our society, our culture, where, as a people, we used to live in love and unity and we were our brother's keeper. All those values are gone and that is why we are having such cruel acts happening.

I believe that whoever is found guilty of murdering a child should be locked away in prison for a very long time. That kind of behaviour has no place in a civilised society. If we subscribe to the view that the children are the future, we must protect them, not murder them.

The Government needs to put laws in place to deal decisively with those who kill our children because regardless of how heartless an individual thinks he is, children should be off limits. As a nation, we need to start loving the children not just our own children, but all the children.

It is rather frightening for me as a mother. Our children are being snuffed out in front of our very eyes, with no sense of remorse from killers and abductors. Children are innocent, and there are a lot of perverts out there who prey on that innocence.

This kind of senseless killing has to stop. We are at a point where our children have to be closely monitored and properly supervised. Those of us as parents, who have, in the past, supported and contributed to damaging our children's innocence - whether it be physically, sexually or otherwise - need to correct that wrong.

I think that just as the scripture says, the heart of man has become desperately wicked, so people just think that they have the right to kill, and they just kill anybody indiscriminately. Once upon a time, you wouldn't hear of children and old people being killed, but nobody cares anymore, and that is the reason we know that we have got a short time on this earth.

Once a man can take a child's life, I think he should be hanged; once he's caught and it can be proven that he's guilty, his life should not be spared.

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