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Published: Sunday | February 3, 2013
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Amid all the concerns, the minister of industry and commerce has delivered on his campaign promise and has reopened the scrap metal trade. For Anthony Hylton, the member of parliament for Western St Andrew, where the Riverton landfill and dump site is located, this is a good move for some of his constituents because the trade has the potential of generating major revenue for the Government and, of course, at least 14,000 jobs.

Digicel's hack wack
Recently, the story about the breaching of Digicel's security systems by locally based hackers dominated the headlines. What was frightening about the entire scenario was the apparent ease with which the purported mastermind hacked the Digicel network and the alleged motivation behind the enterprise.

Is the Church helping us?
With Jamaica having reputedly more churches per square mile than any other country in the world, why is this not translating into a peaceful, productive and harmonious nation? Why is crime, and peculiarly savage and gruesome murders such as that of 14-year-old Shariefa Saddler, such a big problem in this highly religious society?

Fighting corruption - What Jamaica can learn from Sierra Leone
Last week, while the documentary The Cost of Corruption, put out by National Integrity Action (NIA), was continuing its media rounds with strong public appeal, King's House announced the appointment of Dirk Harrison as the next contractor general. Harrison, senior deputy director of public prosecutions, will assume the office on March 1.

Welcome to my Shamba
Late afternoon, on January 24, 2013, I was thoroughly enjoying the salubrious and healing climate of the Santa Cruz Mountains. I was sitting alone, cross-legged, under the 'arched brows' of the poinciana tree which serves as a natural roof over a patch of grass where I find peace as I communicate with my ancestral spirits.

Obama fires back at America's gun culture
In an unprecedented march on Washington to demand stricter gun-control laws, last Saturday thousands of Americans converged on the United States Capitol. They brought signs with provocative slogans like 'Protect children, not guns', 'We are Sandy Hook', 'Ban assault rifles now', 'What would Jesus pack?', 'Love, not guns' and '(N)o (R)ational (A)rgument'.

Review Contractor General Act
It is rather interesting that one of the first questions that we are grappling with as we march to our 51st anniversary is that of transparency on the part of government. This issue has dominated the current discourse on the role and function of the contractor general (CG).

The future we really want
Many Jamaicans are waiting to exhale over the outcome of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) negotiations. But many of us have decided that now is the time for action to effect long-term solutions to our economic and social development problems. We see opportunity in this seeming chaos. We recognise that within the current alignment of issues, there lies the possibility to flip things.

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