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Published: Sunday | February 3, 2013
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New direction, old path ... Robert Drummond returns to consultancy
Robert Drummond has quit his job as president of First Global Financial Services (FGFS), ending eight years of employment with the GraceKennedy conglomerate to be his own boss.

WIHCON developing offices for professionals
West Indies Home Contractors Limited (WIHCON) is projecting revenue of at least J$400 million from a new commercial development at 34 Lady Musgrave Road, a high-priced location on the cusp of New Kingston, but is not saying how much it plans to invest.

Hutton to lead new JCCUL subsidiary
The umbrella Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League has tapped one of its top strategists, Heston Hutton, to head up a new subsidiary set up to provide professional services to its credit-union members.

Hello 'mompreneurship' - Single moms say goodbye to 9-5
Your alarm goes off at 5:45 in the morning, groggy from sleep or sleep deprivation probably, you stumble out of bed. Your first objective of the day is to get the kids up, fed and ready for school.

Are you a callous, unfeeling manager?
Have you ever cringed as you watched a friend of yours, usually kind and considerate, talk down to his/her helper as if she were less than human? Or have you ever heard someone explain that the gardener has special cutlery that's 'never mixed with regular cutlery' because 'you don't know where he's coming from'?

Do I qualify to buy a house on J$40K salary?
I would like information as it relates to whether an individual will be able to purchase a two- bedroom house in the western side of the island on a base monthly salary of J$40,000.

The future of Caribbean tourism ... cloudy!
A week or so ago, the Board of the Caribbean Hotels and Tourism Association (CHTA) passed unanimously a resolution calling on Caribbean heads of government to convene a summit on tourism.

Mixing tourism and technology - Bar codes on sidewalks a guide for tourists in Brazil
Rio de Janeiro is mixing technology with tradition to provide tourists information about the city by embedding bar codes into the black and white mosaic sidewalks that are a symbol of the city.

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