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Published: Saturday | February 2, 2013
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Does Portia think she is beyond criticism?
I am becoming increasingly worried about some unfortunate utterances coming from Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller in recent times. While it is appreciated that the prime minister is not the most polished speaker, her seeming disdain for criticisms, however well founded, has seen her reacting irresponsibly on too many occasions.

Espeut's religious thinking plausible
I am very impressed with Peter Espeut's reasoning and presentation, though not agreeing with all of his conclusions! It's refreshing to hear his connecting to critical thought on his own chosen beliefs rather than the arrogant, dead-head reasoning by such-and-such Bible passage.

VW ad celebrates Rastafari
The VW Super Bowl commercial shows that the Jamaica Tourist Board that its public-relations arm is not creative and should be cut with immediate effect.

PM, Government out of their depth
I have been reading the responses to the Sunday Gleaner article of January 20, 2013 featuring Hugh Small's comments on the PNP's and the PM's intellectual capacity with increasing incredulity, but it's Colin Campbell's op-ed (Gleaner, January 24, 2013) which has finally 'drawn my tongue'. What rank hypocrisy! So Bruce didn't deserve a defence?

Halt squatter settlement now!
I have been reporting to the relevant authorities over many months about the rapid development of a squatter settlement on property owned by the Government in western St Thomas, namely, West Albion.

Thanks for the lunch money, Digicel
I just wanted to write to thank Digicel for the bus fare the company had given to a lot of schoolchildren early in January. This really touched me because I live in Spanish Town, but I go to school in Kingston. That day, I had just enough money to get to school and back home.

Digicel had better not follow in LIME's footsteps
I am writing to express my extreme displeasure with the contempt for customers currently being displayed by telecommunications company Digicel. In recent weeks, it has become virtually impossible to obtain Digicel call cards in $100 denomination. Customers are being forced against their will to purchase cards in denominations of $108 or $120 (excluding GCT).

Flow service is not flowing
When Flow just came to Jamaica and it was trying to get customers, the company would make sure all the customer's requests were dealt with on a timely basis. Now that Flow is established and overflowing with customers, its service leaves much to be desired.

Grants Pen police to the rescue
We thank the Grants Pen police for their vigilance and prompt assistance in helping us with our deceased loved one, Rudolph Wade, whose docket has been missing since January 7, 2013 at the Kingston Public Hospital.

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