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Published: Wednesday | January 23, 2013
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Occupational safety should be priority
THE EDITOR, Sir: I welcome Garth Rattray's column 'Why the hold-up in workforce safety?' (Gleaner, January 21, 2013).Occupational safety is a matter which doesn't seem to be given priority...

Is Small's brain shrinking?
THE EDITOR, Sir: Hugh Small's comments about the prime minister, published in the Sunday Gleaner story of January 20, 'Doomsday ahead?', have already drawn much comment.During her first stint as prime minister from 2006 to 2007, Portia Simpson Miller...

Almighty banks
THE EDITOR, Sir:It appears the banks have the power to determine the financial markets in Jamaica and, more important, that they are being facilitated by the regulatory agencies.Currently, the banks can: Determine who is licensed to do what.

Jesus Christ died for B-men too!
THE EDITOR, Sir: I am writing on behalf of the homosexuals, or 'B-men', in this country.

PM clueless on IMF matters
THE EDITOR, Sir: On December 29, 2011, I proudly voted for the People's National Party in the mistaken belief that Mrs Portia Simpson Miller had gained experience in her short stint as prime minister and also in her longer role as leader of the Opposition.

Harassment by NSWMA
THE EDITOR, Sir: I write on behalf of my two brothers, as well as for myself.

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