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Published: Thursday | January 17, 2013
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Come clean on economy
THE EDITOR, Sir: I have read and listened to the litany of woes that has been laid out against the sitting administration, particularly in its stewardship of the economy in its first year in office. The slide in the value of the Jamaican dollar...

Get to work, lousy loafers!
THE EDITOR, Sir: I have read George Davis' two Gleaner articles on underperforming workers ('In the office but not on the job', January 9, 2013, and 'Kick lazy workers from Idlers Inc', January 16, 2013).I couldn't help but agree with his observations.

Superminister is comic-book idea
THE EDITOR, Sir: I read with some misgivings Aubyn Hill's suggestion ('superminister needed!', Gleaner, January 7, 2013) about a superminister being needed for Jamaica to act as an economic growth director in today's Cabinet.

No sympathy for criminals
THE EDITOR, Sir: Horace Levy, as evidenced in his letter to the editor ('Outraged at police killings', Gleaner, January 15, 2013), has no idea of the type of violence that the members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force face from criminals....

Mediocrity is PM's mantra
THE EDITOR, Sir: I agree 100 per cent with Gordon Robinson's observations in his column 'Portia must apologise' (Gleaner, January 15, 2013).

Dilly-dallying on tax collection
THE EDITOR, Sir: Some weeks ago, an announcement was made by the Government that a travel stop order would be placed at the island's ports to prevent delinquent taxpayers from leaving the country.

Holness didn't push GG to force Gov't's hand
THE EDITOR, Sir: Sensationalism is the temptation to which The Gleaner yielded in the lead article ('Let's talk FINSAC', January 15, 2013) on the letter which Leader of the Opposition Andrew Holness wrote to the governor general on January 11.

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