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Published: Tuesday | January 15, 2013
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Kid-gloves treatment for gunslingers won't cut it!
THE EDITOR, Sir: It boggles the mind when after a cold-blooded murder and conviction, as reported ('Portmore higgler gets life in prison', January 14, 2013), the convict is eligible for parole after only 28 years.

Questions for Peter Phillips
THE EDITOR, Sir: 1.Should countries like Jamaica build their development strategies around growth, or should they rather focus on jobs?

Reopen Copse place of safety
THE EDITOR, Sir: I have been at a loss as to why the Copse Place of Safety has been closed for so long...

Outraged at police killings
THE EDITOR, Sir: Some questions for the police, the commissioner of police, the minister of national security, and the people of Jamaica...

Give specifics of IMF deal
THE EDITOR, Sir: I am a big fan of the legendary contribution to journalism that Ian Boyne has provided over several decades.In Boyne's column ('Cabinet retreat, no IMF advance') in The Sunday Gleaner dated January 13, 2013, I agree with his statement...

Is Church now preaching disorder?
THE EDITOR, Sir: When I read the comments of the Brethren Church representatives advocating for permitting preachers on buses, I began to wonder whether my vision of an orderly Jamaica, where we respect each other's personal space...

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