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Published: Monday | January 14, 2013
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Love at first bet
After dating for more than a decade, and then some, Richard Burt and Antoinette Morgan finally said 'I do'. The pair met in 1996 at Mirage Entertainment where Richard had made a bet to all his friends upon seeing Antoinette that she would be the lady of his life...

Is this your dress?
One of the most important and perhaps the most expensive items on a wedding list is that gorgeous wedding gown. A woman wants to be the centre of attention when she steps into the room - the belle of the ball - and why not?

She wears my ring ...
Women love diamonds! While diamonds are very pricey and not an everyday buy, for their big day diamonds women must have.

We did it!
Many were very grateful for our wedding issue in June and called for another one to kick-start the season.

Old school tradition meets new age innovation
Whether you are getting married, getting hitched or tying the knot, it's all the same thing ...a wedding. It is a legal declaration of love and is regarded as essential for couples whose ultimate desire...

Blissful bride
Dresses Provided by ...

A cherry-blossom nuptial
Rik James and Rochelle Reid met each other when Rik picked her up from work one afternoon as a favour to her father, who was his boss at the time. Rik found himself in a peculiar situation as he soon started dating his boss's daughter...

Cake topper

Fresh start ...Can I move on while my divorce is pending?
A reader wrote:I am grateful for your column; however, there is one important issue I hope you can help me with.

2013's suggestion box
I don't make resolutions because I rarely follow them.And then I don't make predictions for the new year either because I'm almost always wrong...

Happily ever after

Your wedding, your way
Sandals Resorts offers the perfect backdrop for your all-inclusive Caribbean destination dream wedding.

That blooming flower
Many might think that the floral choices for your most important day might not matter but, truth be told, the floral arrangement plays a big part in one's wedding.

Picture-perfect décor
Picture-perfect décorPicture perfect décorEvery bride wants to make her wedding day spectacular, stunning and enviably unique.

Bake me, I'm yours
The centrepiece of any wedding reception is the cake display.

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