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Published: Sunday | January 13, 2013
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Cabinet retreat, no IMF advance
It was the worst case of bad timing: The need to present a report card for her administration's first year in office - demanded by an Observer editorial, among others - and the Jamaican people's unquenchable thirst for information on her Government's negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Peter's pie in the sky
Peter Phillips' recent statement on IMF "negotiations" is a masterpiece of obfuscation and an education on how to say nothing at length.

US mass shootings - 'The Devil made me do it'
In shock and awe, everyone is casting about for reasons for recurring mass shootings in the United States. Guns have, naturally, taken a bad rap. Half the firearms in the world are in the US. There are nearly as many guns as the size of the population, 300 million guns to 311 million people.

Portia's speech, but no pound of flesh
You might not have recognised it, but that is the beginning of Portia's speech. Of course, it is the original Portia from the Shakespearean drama, The Merchant of Venice. In that play, a Jewish moneylender had loaned funds to a merchant, with the distinct condition that if there was forfeiture in payment, he would pay him a pound of flesh.

All the president's men - Fumbling Portia should loosen grip of political advisers
President of the People's National Party and prime minister of Jamaica, Portia Simpson Miller, is coming under fire for her apparent lack of leadership. Portia has been described in several quarters as being out of touch with the challenges the country faces, failing to provide direction on the way forward in a time of national crisis.

The elusive quest for growth
Last year was not a good one for the Jamaican economy. Some of the key macroeconomic indicators were pointing in the wrong direction at the end of the calendar year.

Can we trust our legislators with our rights? (Pt 2)
The provision to secure the protection of law for every person charged with a criminal offence is at Section 20 of the Constitution, where there is no provision in the section for a law as an exception to the protection or to limit the right, the right unrestricted.

There's no Plan B to IMF
The following is an edited address by Christopher Zacca, president of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, to the Lions Club of Kingston on January 9.

I'll chauffeur Gordon Robinson to spiritual truth
I read with interest an article ('It's the Church that needs salvation') carried in the In Focus section of The Sunday Gleaner of November 25, 2012 written by Gordon Robinson, where he cited that he lost faith in the Church, a man-made organisation, and then he sought to define its purpose.

'Hunger Games' - Glimpse of post-decline America?
The Hunger Games, an engaging saga about what life could be like in post-decline America, appears to be on its way to becoming a cult classic. Suzanne Collins' original book version of the story proved extraordinarily popular among teenagers and young adults, receiving praise from a host of reviewers, including author Steven King.

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