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Published: Sunday | January 13, 2013
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BOJ proposes 'enforceable' code for banking services
The Bank of Jamaica has released a draft proposal of an 'enforceable' code of conduct for banks and other deposit-taking financial institutions, but the local consumer watchdog says it is pushing ahead with its own guidelines announced two years ago.

Dawgen, Paul Goldson merge operations
Accountant firms UHY Dawgen and Paul Goldson & Company have merged operations. The merger, which took effect last Friday, and gives the combined entity a client base of about 150 across Jamaica.

ATL rolls out online shopping site
Appliance Traders Limited (ATL) has invested upwards of US$2 million in new online shopping portal which, if it captivates sought-after markets among Jamaicans in the diaspora, is meant to drive up sales by 30 per cent in a year.

Jamaica Citrus Growers sale finalised
The sale of factory and lands belonging to Jamaica Citrus Growers Limited (JCGL) have been finalised. The citrus business was bought by Trinidad company S.M. Jaleel and Company Limited, which used its local subsidiary, Jamaica Beverages Limited, to make the acquisition.

In deep financial trouble
I am a mother of three boys, married, but not getting much financially from my husband. I am working and am also seeking a second job, but without luck so far. I am in debt up to my nose and living from pay cheque to pay cheque.

Changing demographics redefining power dynamics, foreign policy
Consider this: In 2001, one in 10 voters in the United Kingdom were members of an ethnic minority; by 2050 the number will have risen to one in five. Put another way, demographic change is set to permanently change the nature of political power in Britain, as it is already doing in the United States.

Those who fail to read their policies will get shafted!
Our 18-year-old son acquired his learner's licence last year. He has done several lessons with a driving school and will sit the test soon. We were also planning to allow him to drive the family vehicle under parental supervision, but have not done so. Our insurers have advised that our motor policy does not cover learner drivers.

WTO rum option still on the table
A determination whether to initiate settlement procedures at the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the dispute over subsidies given to rum producers in United States territories in the Caribbean is still under discussion.

AirTran to fly Chicago to Jamaica
AirTran Airways is selling tickets for new flights between Chicago and both Jamaica and the Dominican Republic that it expects to operate beginning this spring.

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