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Published: Sunday | January 13, 2013
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Art unlimited - 2012 Biennial showcases Jamaica's creative acumen
The breeze from the Kingston waterfront leads to the doorsteps of the National Gallery of Jamaica (NGJ), opening to a burst of elements of creative expression of Jamaican artists from across the world.

SUNDAY SAUCE - The Oxy Awards 2012
2012, the year of Jamaica's 50th Independence anniversary, was quite bland, except for the dazzling display by some of our athletes on the Olympic tracks in London.

Fate and free will collide in Haitian drama
'Akin to No One' is an existential masterpiece. It is vintage story telling that moves, provokes, and instructs. Haitian playwright and author, Nicole Titus takes a page out of Victor Frankl's playbook, exploring the depth of human potential amid adversity and circumstantial blight.

Facebook drama
I always marvel that the things that bring out the best in people can, paradoxically, bring out the worst in them too. Take Facebook, for example. It's a marvelous invention. Sure, by over-surfing on Facebook, many of us waste the precious time we complain we don't have enough of; but it is an area of technology that I simply love.

Academic excellence: 3 Rs
Closing the achievement gap between groups of students on national exams has become a familiar imperative for many educators and politicians. We are still grappling with moot questions such as: how can students meet high academic standards if they do not believe in their ability to do so?

POEM OF THE WEEK - A fresh start
Don't cry anymore, though it burns your heart sore./Kiss away the broken pieces of the shattered past./Make way for a new, a fresh start./Fold your fist at the crooked lies,/And blow away their cunning existence./Trample upon the curses that reign/In the veins of your generation.

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