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Published: Thursday | January 10, 2013
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Turn slogans into action
THE EDITOR, Sir:The slogan of the People's National Party (PNP) during its election campaign 13 months ago was 'People Power'.

Expose corrupt idlers in office
THE EDITOR, Sir:George Davis wrote a most interesting column in The Gleaner of Wednesday, January 9, 2013 about the lady who gets to the workplace early but who probably never gets to her job at any time at all, or if she does, it is way-y-y-y down in...

NWC a menace to our roads
THE EDITOR, Sir:We wait so long to get our roads fixed. The Government spends millions of taxpayers' dollars to have them repaired and so many millions more with overruns.

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The January 8, 2013 edition of Chicago Tribune labelled Jamaica the 'Greece of the Western Hemisphere'. What are your views on the issue?

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Unfortunately, we are worse than Greece, as we are an uneducated society that is politically divided.

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