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Published: Tuesday | January 8, 2013
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Don't give robot busmen slap on the wrist
THE EDITOR, Sir: Allow us to vent our displeasure with the Transport Authority. A letter was sent to the three members of parliament and the mayor in Portmore complaining about the presence of illegal contract school buses in the Sunshine City...

Traffic ticket fiasco points to other problems
THE EDITOR, Sir:The current traffic ticket amnesty fiasco raises many questions and explains, in part, our poor state of affairs.First of all, it is frightening to know that people could have been allowed to accumulate so many unsettled traffic tickets...

Impose heavy duties on imports
THE EDITOR, Sir: Import substitution, export or die, common phrases in the Manley era. What has changed?

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Uninspiring and void of thought or a vision! - Bobby Blake Excellent! She addresses many things that were done and things to come and she was honest to admit that it wasn't a very good year.- Jason ShawGive us something new.

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What do you think about the prime minister's address to the nation Sunday evening?

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