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Published: Saturday | January 5, 2013
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LETTER OF THE DAY - IMF no panacea for Jamaica's economic woes
IN 1995 Prime Minister P.J. Patterson unceremoniously waved "goodbye, ta ta, au revoir" to the board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as his administration ended the country's relationship with the fund.

Disingenuous Holness
WHERE GREY areas exist in the interpretation of a law, as in the present case of the Office of Contractor General's (OCG) jurisdiction and powers, the courts are the proper place to seek a resolution. So to hear the Opposition Leader refer to the impasse as "untenable" is, indeed, a disingenuous stance.

Marooned development
"THE MORE things change. The more they remain the same." Growing up I was told that culture shapes a nation and I felt a sense of pride growing up in the cultural mecca, the place where Cudjoe and Nanny once roamed - the peaceful Accompong Town.

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