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Published: Saturday | January 5, 2013
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EDITORIAL - Robbery on the farm
"We must all collectively say enough is enough. We must send a strong signal to persons who reap what they do not sow. The time has come to crush this menace." That's an impressive sound bite from the lips of Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke as he addressed a praedial larceny sensitisation seminar on January 24, 2012.

Old acquaintance, new style
The twelfth of December 2012 (12/12/12) or combinations like 1/1/1 up to twelve are not going to happen for another century. In this context, 2013 is already different. Adding to its uniqueness is that it is an interesting combination of 20 (a "score" as in Lincoln's Gettysburg address "Four score and seven years ago") and 13, deemed an unlucky number.

JUTC's latest fare jump
I HAVE an issue with the fare increase I hear that the Jamaica Urban Transit Company is planning. But moving from a fare of $80 to $131 is a big jump. I hope it is not true because that is too much. Why not round it off at $100? Moreover, a lot of us can hardly find the $80 right now.

Issue: OCG's referral to the DPP
Do you think the OCG's referral to the DPP for the prosecution of the Cabinet will be taken seriously?

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