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Published: Sunday | December 30, 2012
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2012 Year In Review - Failing grade for PNP
FOR TWELVE months I held my breath and waited for the government to tell me the details of the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and right now, to avoid asphyxia, I had to come up for air.

2012 Year In Review - Dr Peter Phillips - Personality of the Year
THE YEAR 2012 will be remembered for many things - our nation's semi-centennial anniversary and its attendant celebrations; the London Olympics and all the glory our athletes brought us; and West Indies victory in the world T20 competition with major contributions from Jamaicans.

St Luke and Jesus' birth
IF YOU ARE uncertain or ignorant about your facts as a writer of material purporting to be history then you hedge your bets by using vague terms, skillfully avoiding anything that anyone could double-check and blow your cover.

2012 Year In Review - Gov't faced with the fierce urgency of now
ONE YEAR ago, on December 29, 2011, the Peoples' National Party (PNP) handed the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) a crushing defeat by a margin of 42 seats to 21.

2012 Year In Review - Gov't must stop playing blame game
We are stubbornly refusing to ask and to answer the tough question whether education investment is translating into economic performance output.

2012 Year In Review - Thwaites - a bright star for education
HIS DETRACTORS complain that he talks too much, conflates preaching with doing and that he believes his moralist-in-chief role will save education.

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