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Published: Sunday | December 30, 2012
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Jack of all trades, master of none
Jamaica is the birthplace of several globally recognised musical genres -mento, dub, ska, rocksteady, reggae and dancehall.

Timeless Records living it up with Shifta
Since its April launch, the downtown Miami, Florida-based independent record label, Timeless Records, has been living it up with some exciting Caribbean beats, with a heavy Jamaican flavour.

Superjam return buoyed by Busy
Sizzla Kalonji, Lady Saw and Christopher Martin are big enough names in dancehall to pull a crowd to any venue.

Happy Anniversary, Music Diaries
December 25, Christmas Day, is perhaps for many people, the most important date on the Jamaican music calendar.

Rebel Salute, a first for new Richmond Estate venue
Lots of talk about the new venue and new additions, as well as several performances, made the Rebel Salute launch quite a lengthy event when it was held at The Pegasus hotel in New Kingston.

The philanthropy continues
Ailing children at the Bustamante Hospital for Children were treated by the Shaggy and Friends Foundation last Thursday as the philanthropic organisation continues its annual gifting ritual.

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