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Published: Friday | December 28, 2012
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TripAdvisor 'impressed' with Moby Dick Restaurant
BUOYED BY an increase in customers, Moby Dick Restaurant is ending the year on a high note, especially after it has been recognised by TripAdvisor for Business as one of the impressive establishments in downtown...

Trelawny sees reduction in murders
FALMOUTH, Trelawny:THE TRELAWNY police have increased their operations in targeting gangs in the parish.Operational officer attached to the Trelawny police Anthony McLaughlin told a recent parish council meeting ...

Melrose Mews launches neighbourhood watch
MELROSE, Manchester: MELROSE MEWS became the latest Manchester community to formally launch a neighbourhood watch, with its hierarchy making a bold public commitment to thwart any advance of criminality.

Dancing dilemma
All my son wants to do is dance.At 18, I thought he would have moved on by now. What am I to do? He practises several times a week with friends and performs at concerts from time to time...

2013 PROPHECIES - Christians must repent!
The following is Part 3 of the Word of the Lord received during prayer for 2013 onward, as given through Prophetess Bishop Doris Hutchinson, Apostle Steve Lyston, Prophetess M. Lyston, Prophetess N. Green, Prophetess S. DiMuccio, Prophetess N. Brotherton...

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